Dak Prescott

Matt, you completely whiffed on Dak Prescott. From your Scouting Report: “Labeling Prescott a mid-round prospect with starter potential and expecting him to develop these skills almost from scratch is asking too much from a quarterback who also has to get better at reading the field. Most of Prescott’s reads involve one or two possibilities.” He either did what you state he couldn’t or he could do it all along and you missed it..




Scouting Portfolio suggestion

Bought the 2016 Scouting Portfolio. Excellent info but very disappointed there is no index. It would be nice to pull up an index and plug in the page to whatever I am interested in rather than having to guess where positions section begins with nearly 1550 pages and a format that changes subjects or player types … Also was under the impression that said report included all Offense and Defense positions when all it covers is QB’s, RB’s, WR’s and TE’s..